Capital Management

The impact of the financial crisis has led the market and risk regulators to focus on capital and risk management. The Basel Committee requirements and the insurance regulators (Solvency II), and the stakeholders requirements ( creditor investors) to be sure of the solvency and the financial institutions quality, will lead the senior management to have a lower degree of freedom in the management and the ability to use the capital.

As a consequence, a forward- looking and proactive approach to the capital management becomes a crucial “issue” both for leading large financial institutions and also for the financial institutions that wants to remain independent.

Corporate Governance

In the corporate governance area, CL Group offers comprehensive advice and support for our customers. Through a diagnostic test of the current situation, we did identify gaps with respect to best practices, and propose an action plan aimed at closing this gap. As part of the consultancy,

CL Group offers complete accompaniment in each of the stages of the adaptation process towards corporate governance. All this is based on a unique methodology and computer systems developed exclusively by our firm.

Risk Management

As noted in several documents of Basel Committee “Weaknesses in the credit risk management continue to be the main cause of bankruptcy and banking crisis in the world. Hence the importance of banks establishing prudent and consistent policies and procedures enduring that credit risk have been identified, measured and managed in both the individual counterparty analysis and portfolio analysis”.